Poole Road – North Side

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Shopping scene, Poole Road, Westbourne

Westbourne’s Poole Road (North Side). Having looked at the south side, we return to the former Royal Victoria Hospital, and continue along the north side of Poole Road. Almost immediately, we come across two retirement homes. Interestingly, they are in total contrast to each other. One is a very modern and attractive purpose-built facility, the…

Poole Road – South Side

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Poole Road Westbourne, South

Westbourne’s Poole Road (South Side). Heading west from Bournemouth, Poole Road starts from St Michael’s Roundabout, but it is not until the crossroads with Queen’s Road / Clarendon Road that it enters Westbourne. Immediately on our left, at No 17, is the former Royal Victoria Eye Hospital, which was closed in 2002 and converted into…

Loyalty & Rewards

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Swipii Loyalty Card Scheme Logo

Loyalty & Rewards for Shopping Locally. Today we take a break from the main shopping streets and look at a Loyalty Card Scheme that has recently arrived in Westbourne. One of the biggest problems that small and independent retailers perhaps suffer from nowadays is the way the larger stores use their cards to encourage you…

Seamoor Road – North Side

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Seamoor Road shops, Westbourne

Westbourne’s Seamoor Road (North Side). Today, we are looking at the shops and businesses on the north side of Seamoor Road. Again, we shall start at the eastern end. As we approach the junction and turn left, our eyes are drawn to the mix of retail outlets before us. A gentle stroll along this side…

Seamoor Road – South Side

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Post Office, Seamoor Road, Westbourne

Westbourne’s Seamoor Road (South Side). Having looked at the Arcade, our next journey is around Seamoor Road. Approaching from the Bournemouth Town Centre direction, we reach a junction where, to continue towards Poole, we have to bear left. The road is lined with shops on both sides. On today’s blog, we are looking at the…

Westbourne Arcade

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Seamoor Road aspect of Westbourne Arcade at Night.

Westbourne Arcade – a Covered Shopping Treasure in Westbourne Westbourne Arcade is a Grade II Listed structure. It runs between Poole Road and Seamoor Road, and sports symmetrical façades of red brick with stone dressings at either end. Gothic style windows enhance the cathedral-like appearance. Amongst the features are gargoyles at the head of each…

Frizzell Insurance

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Frizzell House, County Gates, Westbourne

Frizzell Insurance and Frizzell House, County Gates Although just outside of Westbourne, and in Poole rather than Bournemouth, Frizzell House is a landmark building in the area. Its unusual design is striking, as can been seen from the photos below. The building is in the centre of a Gyratory System, or large roundabout. It is…

Welcome to Westbourne, Dorset!

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Westbourne Life: Grand Bingo Hall and looking west towards Westbourne.

Welcome to Westbourne, Dorset, in the Borough of Bournemouth! Start date 25 May 2016. This blog is intended to be a voyage of discovery of all things related to Westbourne, Dorset. I will post daily, generally towards the end of the evening. There will be factual items, fun items, interviews and more. See anything wrong?…