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Loyalty & Rewards for Shopping Locally.

Today we take a break from the main shopping streets and look at a Loyalty Card Scheme that has recently arrived in Westbourne. One of the biggest problems that small and independent retailers perhaps suffer from nowadays is the way the larger stores use their cards to encourage you to keep shopping with them. No doubt most of have more of these cards than we can use. If you are anything like me, then half of them are left at home because they aren’t needed often enough. Even the big groups have a tendency to have a different card for each brand!

Loyalty Rewards can be got by Shopping in Westbourne!

Shopping can get you Loyalty Rewards in some Westbourne businesses © expat

However, a new scheme has started recently aimed at solving this problem. Independent shops can sign up to the scheme, and you collect points every time you shop there. The scheme is perhaps not quite as clear as it could be, but once you understand it, it is very straight forward. The scheme for each establishment is completely independent. However, with just the one card, you can get your points at your favourite shops. The points you get can only be redeemed in the establishment in which they were earned, but you can collect from as many businesses on the one card as you like!

The Westbourne businesses that currently use the card are:

Bournemouth Colosseum Cinema
Fab Frocks
Le Petit Pattiserie
Les Enfants
Lollipops Play Café
Pet Shack
Plates & Co
Taj Mahal

Further details from: www.swipiicard.com

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