Congregational Church, Westbourne Poole Road

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Congregational Church Westbourne

Congregational Church, Westbourne Poole Road. Very little information seems to exist for the former Congregational Church, Westbourne. It was located on the corner of Poole Road and Prince of Wales Road. Built in 1898, it followed the perpendicular style like St Ambrose. A prominent and attractive building, it created an impressive entrance to Westbourne from…

Portarlington Road and Close, Westbourne

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Portarlington Road, Westbourne.

Portarlington Road and Close, Westbourne. Portarlington Road is residential, running mainly east-west parallel with and south of Poole Road. However, it starts by heading almost south from Marlborough Road, before heading west. It is almost a thoroughfare of two halves.  The eastern end, running from Marlborough Road to Clarendon Road still consists largely of the…

Colosseum Cinema and Café Refurbishment

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Colosseum Cinema and Lavish Life Café, Westbourne

Colosseum Cinema and Café Refurbishment. The Lavish Life café and Colosseum Cinema, Westbourne, are currently closed for redecoration. Due to reopen around 15 July, the café will become a healthy salad centre, featuring juices and foods from around the world. The cinema can lay claim to being the smallest in the UK. At just 19…

New Hotel and Restaurant in Westbourne

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New Hotel and Restaurant, Westbourne.

New Hotel and Restaurant in Westbourne. The former Roselyn Hotel, in West Cliff Road, has seen a lot of refurbishment work recently. The old name board was removed a few days ago, and the replacement, bearing the new name, has been installed. Called the Fab Hotel, it has 10 en-suite rooms, and will have a…

Westbourne Car Parks and Parking

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Westbourne Car Park Alumhurst Road

Westbourne Car Parks and Parking. If you want to visit Westbourne, unless you are coming by public transport (see Bus Routes page), you are likely to want to find somewhere to park your car. There are five Westbourne Car Parks – four right in the main shopping centre. The other one is on the site…

Westbourne Beach – The Best in Bournemouth?

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Westbourne Beach Kiosk Supplies

Westbourne Beach – The Best in Bournemouth? The Bournemouth area started to become popular as a seaside resort in the early 1800s. A retired army officer, Lewis Tregonwell, purchased some land in 1812, and began building some “sea villas” to let them out – the original holiday lets! He also started planting the pine trees…

Sandbourne Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth

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Sandbourne Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth

Sandbourne Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth. Sandbourne Road runs off Alumhurst Road near the cliff-top. It’s western end is close to Branksome Chine. This is a purely residential area. Being on the cliffs near the chine has attracted the usual collection of large properties. No doubt the Victorians would have been very attracted to this area with…

LV Insurance: Kellie Wilkins at LV= talks to Westbourne Life

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LV Insurance (LV=) Heart on the Roundabout.

LV Insurance: Kellie Wilkins at LV= talks to Westbourne Life. If you live, work or pass through Westbourne, you will most likely have noticed the distinctive building that is home to LV= (LV Insurance or Liverpool Victoria). Still known as Frizzell House, reflecting its roots, this is now part of the local headquarters of the…

What is a Chine, What is a Dene?

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Alum Chine, Westbourne

What is a Chine, What is a Dene? Bournemouth has four chines – Alum, Middle, Durley and Boscombe. There are several more along the Dorset coast, and elsewhere – particularly the Isle of Wight. But, what is a Chine? Typically, a chine is a deep, steep-sided ravine formed by a river flowing through to the…

West Overcliff Drive & Surrounds, Westbourne

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West Overcliff Drive & Surrounds

West Overcliff Drive & Surrounds, Westbourne. West Overcliff Drive runs along the cliff top between Durley Chine and Alum Chine. It loops round and over Middle Chine. It would appear that the eastern section is perhaps older than the western section, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the eastern section loops back round to West…

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