New Hotel and Restaurant in Westbourne

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New Hotel and Restaurant, Westbourne.

New Hotel and Restaurant in Westbourne.

The former Roselyn Hotel, in West Cliff Road, has seen a lot of refurbishment work recently. The old name board was removed a few days ago, and the replacement, bearing the new name, has been installed.

New Hotel and Restaurant, West Cliff Road, Westbourne

The New Fab Hotel & Tiien Restaurant, West Cliff Road, Westbourne. © expat

Called the Fab Hotel, it has 10 en-suite rooms, and will have a Tiien Restaurant. Conveniently located on the corner of Alum Chine Road, it is easy walking distance from both the beach and Westbourne shopping centre.

This new hotel and restaurant has a website, although at the time of writing this is not active. Hopefully I can bring you more information and maybe a photo-interview soon!

New Hotel and Restaurant, Westbourne.

Name board for the new Fab Hotel and Tiien Restaurant, Westbourne. © expat

New Hotel and Restaurant in Westbourne. West Cliff Road, Westbourne

Before the new sign went up. © expat

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  1. Ruth Walker says:

    What you don’t know is that the owner does not have planning permission for most of what he has done here. it is in the conservation area, and a huge extraction/ ventilation unit has been installed at the rear of the building which was refused planning permission, and most likely to be the subject if an enforcement order!

  2. Mrs Bingley says:

    This building is currently under an Enforcement order from bournemouth council to remove the huge industrial sized extractor and chimney which has been placed at the rear of the building illegally and is only just a few feet away from nearby residents bedroom windows. It should be stated that local residents of which there are at least 50 have complained in the strongest terms to the local council and we are most certainly not in favour of this restaurant going ahead. It is positioned in the middle of a conservation and residential area and late night noise from a commercial restaurant such as this accompanied by cooking smells of Thai food which has to be one of the smelliest cuisines that there is really is just not wanted, or needed, in our area. There are 35 eating establishments at least in the Wesbourne commercial area and that is where this restaurant should be placed.

  3. peter bice says:

    hi I agree we already have lots of restaurants in Westbourne do we need another the extractor on back of building is to big and is going to create a humming sound which is above the required decibels for the residents next door I have noticed they have placed black insulators to reduce noise.

  4. Ruthy says:

    I think it’s great that there is a restaurant in the hotel. This is usual. Most good hotels have a restaurant. I will certainly be going to try out the cuisine. Their sister restaurant near the Marriott is very good indeed. There is no Thai cuisine in Westbourne so I think it is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. It is on the main road and is likely to cause less noise than the noise of traffic from there…

  5. Mrs Tiggywinkle says:

    You might not be so pleased if you lived next door! The smell from the extractor is not nice, and we can hear the noise. The extractor was put up without planning permisdion and has an enforcement order. It may not be there for much longer.

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