Marlborough Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth

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Marlborough Road, Westbourne

Marlborough Road, Westbourne, Bournemouth.

Marlborough Road is another residential street similar to Portarlington Road, which branches off near its eastern end. Running east-west, it is parallel to and the next south from Poole Road.

3 Marlborough Road, Westbourne

3, Victoria House. © expat

Once again, it is largely a thoroughfare of two halves. The eastern part retaining much in the way of the original Victorian villas. Once Clarendon Road is crossed, then the villas are replaced by more modern blocks of flats.These blocks are perhaps not quite so externally attractive as on the adjacent street. However, there is perhaps a more consistent character, which lends its own charm. The width of the thoroughfare is almost to the standard of a boulevard. This perhaps indicates that this was a place for the more wealthy – although not rich enough to afford a cliff-top property! Certainly, the remaining villas are of a substantial nature.

The eastern end of Marlborough Road joins up with Durley Chine Road, with the Hallmark Hotel just on the corner. This is just outside the Westbourne postcode. Previously known as the Durley Hall Hotel, it is now one of three Hallmarks in Bournemouth, and now known as the West Cliff. It is made up of three separate Victorian buildings that have been considerably extended and joined together.

5 Marlborough Road, Westbourne

No 5 – very similar to No 3! © expat

Queens Court, Marlborough Road, Westbourne

Queens Court. © expat

11, Albemarle, Marlborough Road, Westbourne.

No 11, Albemarle. © expat

6a The Coach House, Marlborough Road, Westbourne

6a, The Coach House. © expat

8 Marlborough Road, Westbourne

No 8. © expat

8a, Walden House, Marlborough Road, Westbourne

8a, Walden House. © expat

21, Sunbury Court, Marlborough Road, Westbourne

No 21, Sunbury Court. © expat

26, Blenheim Court, Marlborough Road, Westbourne

No 26, Blenheim Court. © expat

35, Cranbourne Court, Marlborough Road, Westbourne

No 35, Cranbourne Court. © expat

Marlborough Road    

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