The Colours of Westbourne in Bloom

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Westbourne in Bloom and Ukulele band

The Colours of Westbourne in Bloom. It is the middle of “Flaming June”, and the planted baskets have arrived in Westbourne. Well, one out of two isn’t bad! The main shopping streets are bedecked with baskets of colourful flowers. Even the railings have baskets on them to brighten the street scene. Westbourne in Bloom dates…

Why Come to Westbourne, Dorset?

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Poole Road Westbourne, South

Why Come to Westbourne, Dorset? Westbourne, Dorset (not to be confused with the other one in Hampshire) has been dubbed an “Urban Village”. It is very much an integral part of the conurbation of Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole. However, it manages to maintain not only its identity, but a life of its own. So often,…

Ralph Millward Big Issue Seller, Westbourne

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Ralph Millward Big Issue seller.

Ralph Millward Big Issue Seller. On 7 May 2009, Ralph Millward, Big Issue seller outside Marks & Spencer in Seamoor Road, Westbourne, was senselessly killed by three teenage boys. The 41 year old was found under an upturned trolley near his pitch. The three teenagers were convicted of his manslaughter by Winchester Crown Court just…

Bournemouth West Station, Westbourne, Dorset

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Bournemouth West Station, Westbourne

Bournemouth West Station. Opened on 15 June 1874 by the Poole & Bournemouth Railway, Bournemouth West Station was the terminus of the line from Poole. Initially, it consisted of just two platforms. However, by 1886, the line had been doubled and extended on to Bournemouth East. At this time the Central Station did not exist….

Bournemouth Carers Support in Westbourne

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Bournemouth Carers Support (CRISP), Westbourne.

Bournemouth Carers Support. Based in St Ambrose Cottage, next to Christ Church in Alumhurst Road, Westbourne, is the Bournemouth Carers Support service. Through the delightfully entitled “CRISP” (Carers Resource, Information and Support Programme), the service offers a range of help & support. There are many people (you may well be one yourself) who care for…

Millburn Road inc Landseer Road

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Westbourne Health Centre, Millburn Road, Westbourne.

Millburn Road, inc Landseer Road, Westbourne. Slightly to the north of the main shopping area is Millburn Road, which starts just to the east of Tesco, before turning to head west. On the other side of the former Methodist Church is the link Landseer Road. Although not forming part of the main shopping experience, there…

A brief look at Churches in Westbourne, Dorset

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Churches in Westbourne - the Baptist Church

Churches in Westbourne, Dorset. For a relatively small area, there are perhaps more churches in Westbourne than you might expect. There are two substantial Church of England churches, as well as a Baptist Church and a Catholic Church. The former Methodist Church still stands, although no longer serving its original function. Today’s blog is intended…

Westbourne Fire Station Open Day

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Westbourne Fire Station Open Day

Westbourne Fire Station Open Day. Saturday 11 June saw Westbourne Fire Station open its doors to the public. Fire appliances were on display, and demonstrations entertained the many people who came to enjoy the day. A heavy duty rescue crane was set up on the frontage. A draw was held during the day for a…

Eating & Drinking in Westbourne

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Eating & Drinking in Westbourne

Eating & Drinking in Westbourne. A slight change of tack today. There are plenty of places for eating & drinking in Westbourne, not all of them in the main shopping area. We shall be taking a quick look at what is around, particularly as June is Westbourne’s “Foodie Heaven”. To start with, there are the…

Herbert Hospital, Alumhurst Road

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Herbert Hospital, Alumhurst Road, Westbourne

Herbert Hospital (now Dorset Health Care). The former Herbert Hospital is a Grade II listed building (as is the associated lodge), situated at 49 Alumhurst Road, Westbourne. It was largely based on designs by Florence Nightingale. It was built between 1865-1867 by TH Wyatt, as the Herbert Memorial Convalescent Home, in memory of the late…

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